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Are you living a ‘Laptop Lifestyle’?
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  • November 25, 2012
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We live in a mobile world where business is done on the go.  This has created a “laptop lifestyle” that has more and more people working out of the office.  In some cases it has even negated the need to have a bricks and mortar office for the business. While no physical building is necessarily required, there is still a need to have people take care of the regular tasks that you would expect to see in any thriving business.  One option that many of these types of businesses are now switching to is a virtual support setup, where they can pick and choose the office services they need taken care of by business professionals.

There are a number of different packages to choose from when you go with a virtual assistant, and all for one low monthly price. Imagine having an assistant, office manager, and marketing manager in place without having to pay individual salaries to each or plunking down a chunk of money for office space that is rarely used.    Many small business owners are forced to haul around their laptop so that they can try to find time to do everything on their own, but hiring a virtual assistant service allows them to only open that laptop when they have something that is pressing.

Knowing that a professional is taking care of all the business details that you don’t have time to get to can take away a great deal of the stress that business owners find builds up very quickly.  You can choose a virtual assistant package that covers as many, or as few, tasks as you deem necessary.  It may even be that you have time to do it all yourself, but realize that there are some areas of the business that you just don’t do very well. Perhaps marketing is your downfall, or you aren’t very good at performing follow-up calls to prospects. These are all items that can be passed on to your virtual assistant.

The way packages usually work is that you purchase blocks of time per month, with each of those packages coming with a pre-defined list of tasks that your virtual assistants will perform in that time. The great thing about having so many different packages at your disposal is that you can add additional services when you know that a major project is coming up, or when you want to expand the business. You can even think about adding additional services and hours so that you can actually go on vacation for a week or two.

It used to be that business owners had to choose between working excessive hours to get all the work done, or hiring full-time staff they can barely afford. Each of those situations delivers nothing but stress, but doesn’t have to be the case anymore. Outsourcing a portion of your daily work to a virtual assistant service means having more time to commit to the aspects of the business you excel at. It also means the likelihood of cutting down on your budget and increasing revenues at the same time.


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